HELP Jamaica

Goals of HELP Jamaica!


Our primary goal is to raise funds in order to support and establish library- and education projects in Jamaica!


We aim to build libraries and education projects in deprived Jamaican communities and aspire to provide free education – especially for children and youths who otherwise don’t have access to books and computers and do not have the means to provide adequately for their education. These education facilities will be inspired by our role model, the Trenchtown Reading Centre (, founded and operated by Roslyn Ellison.


We will appoint skilled and caring staff in our programs to teach advanced reading- and computer-skills, a necessity for success in school and life! Our programs will encourage talent, ambition and excellence. We believe in inspiration and qualification! We aspire to provide the youths who are attending our facilities with education and counseling and encourage them to believe in their talent and skills.


This will increase their chances to find a job, encourage them to use their creativity, inspire them to become entrepreneurs and start businesses or support them in their aim towards higher education.  Our programs wish to encourage young people to develop alternatives to a lives determined by frustration, drugs and violence and thereby help them to find ways to break the vicious circle of poverty, violence and crime in which so many young people grow up in the inner city communities. Education for a change!

To be able to pursue our goals we cooperate with our partner organisations in Jamaica and the US and our international network of supporters in Europe, the US, the UK, Japan and the Caribbean. We are thankful for the generous support of soundsystems, artists, promoters, music and clothing labels, companies, embassies and dedicated individuals who help us accomplish our aims. Please have a look at our section “how to support us” to find out how you can get involved!