Wha Gwaan

Backpacking in Jamaica

This facebook group's primary purpose is the interactive communication between locals and travelers, making it easier to travel the Real Jamaica.

Help Jamaica

Help Establish Library Projects In Jamaica!

Education for a change!

Matthias The Dread

Connect to Matthias for tours in and around Kingston

Paint Jamaica


The social & art intervention set to transform Jamaica's visual surroundings through democratic art and uplifting messages.

Plant Jamaica

Plant Jamaica is a non-governmental organization transforming under-served communities through agriculture, arts, education & entrepreneurship.

PlantFood by Addy

PlantFood by Addy is a small business based in Kingston, Jamaica, that provides organic produce, vegetarian/vegan catering, landscaping services and more.

Real Jamaica

Travel Local, Support Locals

We believe in a way of traveling the country while giving back to its people.

Ujima Natural Farmer ´s Market


Ujima Natural Farmer ´s Market in Kingston was established in 2014 and is the first organic farmers market all over Jamaica.