Why ONE for Jamaica e.V.?

What is the idea behind?

We believe that agriculture needs a change worldwide and must be practiced in a sustainable way. As a small island, Jamaica is a sensitive ecosystem which is affected by the common ways of farming. Methods like for example slash and burn or the excessive use of spray have serious consequences for the environment and people. The slash and burn method for instance leads to erosion and desertification. We realized how the jamaican landscape changed during the last decade. To name a further example, excessive use of insect pests, fungicides or herbicides pollutes water, rivers and reefs, causes cancer and reduces the fertility of sperms. Many Jamaicans are not aware of the negative effects, plenty don´t have access to education. That´s why we intend to create awareness of the consequences of modern ways of farming by environmental education. The only sustainable alternative presents organic small scale farming. We intend to promote organic farming and permaculture and arrange free trainings.


Besides the ecological aspects, organic small scale farming benefits the social and economical sectors.  It increases food security. Statistics show that the local small scale farmer can feed the world better than centralized agriculture. Jamaica is to an extremely high degree dependent on import products, such as mainly mineral fuels and food items. The US supplies nearly half of Jamaica’s food needs. There is rural exodus and drug trafficking. The crime rate is among the highest in the world. Young people often see the only way to make money with criminal actions. Jamaica is a young country (for 50 years independent)50 percent of the population are under 25 years old. As long as farming stays a "poor man's work" this profession will not be a future perspective for young people. ONE for Jamaica set its sights on changing that. Education can enable people to take responsibility for their individual life(style)s.